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DS5000-00 Docking Station for AR50-05 Calibration Cases

DS5000-00 Docking Station for AR50-05 Calibration Cases Image

AccuBeat’s DS5000-00 Docking Station simultaneously synchronizes up to 12 AR50-05 Portable Cases ensuring uniform Time and Frequency in all the units. The DS5000-00 Docking Station unit receives a input from a GPS antenna transmission that processes the received information, aligns it with the system's internal AR76 Rubidium atomic clock and time server and transmits current time and frequency to all the connected portable AR50 units. The Docking Station also charges the AR50-05 internal battery and provides an online on-screen indicator of the unit’s status including the system status of each portable AR50-05 unit, current battery status, time update, frequency lock, and its deviation from the desired frequency. The Docking Station is fully redundant with two Rubidium-based Time Servers and two AD12 splitters that transmit Have Quick and 1PPS to all the portable clocks connected to the unit.

The DS5000-00 Docking Station contains an electrical power backup system that allows the unit to keep working even in the case of a drop in the mains power input. The Docking Station contains a user interface screen that provides the user with up-to-date data and the current status of the different units. The system is made up of three rack mount units, which are adjacent and connected to each other. The right and left racks mounts can hold up to six AR50-05 calibration cases each contained in a dedicated pullout tray. The central rack contains the Processing Unit, 2 AR76 Rubidium atomic clocks, 2 distribution units, power supply units, A/D, and a UPS power unit.

Key Features

 Simultaneously synchronizes up to 12 AR50-05 Calibration Cases

 Full Redundancy

 Charging of AR50-05 internal battery

 Easy to use GUI for checking status


▶ Central location for Time Dissemination units

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