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Solutions for Military Applications

Military needs have always been the prime driver of frequency control technology requiring oscillators and atomic clocks that are stable over a wide range of parameters such as temperature, vibration, acceleration, radiation, etc.

AccuBeat's off the shelf Rubidium Atomic Standards and fully customized solutions are currently deployed by the USAF, the IDF and other leading militaries worldwide providing these forces with the ability to operate on land, sea or air even in GPS/GNSS denied environments.

AccuBeat's products and cost effective fully customized solutions are instrumental in the following types of military applications:

 Communication Systems, Radio & Wire

  • Efficient Spectrum Utilization

  • Resistance to Jamming

  • Radio silence interval

  • Secure Communication

  • Frequency Hopping


Electronic Warfare

  • ELINT Receivers

  • Emitters location

  • Jamming detection and protection


Command, Control, Communication Computer and Intelligence (C4I)

  • Command, Control, Communication Computer and Intelligence

  • Cyber related issues

Telemetry, Test Fields

  • Time Tagging solutions


  • Satellites (GPS, Galileo, Glonnass...)

    • Satellite timing sources

    • Satellite base stations



  • Identification Friend-Or-Foe Systems (IFF)

  • Radar

  • Bi-Static/Multi-Static Radar

  • Missiles Radar guidance

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