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AccuBeat is a world leading designer and manufacturer of exceedingly accurate Frequency and Timing solutions and products suitable for Aerospace, Defense, Space, HLS, Telecommunications, Research and other applications. Based on over 25 years of experience our patented Rubidium Atomic Clock technology with optional GPS disciplining provide frequency accuracy in the range of 10⁻¹², frequency stability in the range of 10⁻¹³ and time accuracy in the range of nanoseconds.


AccuBeat Company Profile 

AccuBeat’s products and platforms are an essential and critical element in many sensitive Military, Industrial, Home Land Security, Critical infrastructures and Space programs worldwide. AccuBeat has earned the trust of customers such as the United States Air Force (USAF), The European Space Agency (ESA), all branches of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and many Tier 1 integrators. AccuBeat’s Atomic clocks are an integral part of the ground segment of Europe’s Galileo GNSS project and our Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO) will be deployed in Deep Space exploration as part of the prestigious JUICE Jupiter mission. In the commercial field, our equipment can be found in Telecommunications equipment, SDH networks, cellular base stations, telemetry appliances, calibration and testing solutions and in research facilities worldwide.

AccuBeat’s Rubidium Frequency standards as well as our NTP/PTP Time Servers and our range of GPS Disciplined  Ruggedized Time and Frequency centers are essential in numerous tactical applications including combat planes, UAVs, transport aircraft, helicopters, ships, submarines, missile and anti-missile platforms and ground mobile vehicles. AccuBeat’s products are designed to meet the most stringent MIL STDs, and can be combined with our patented anti spoofing technology to allow continuous operation in GNSS denied environments.


For over 25 years AccuBeat has provided COTS and fully customized products and solutions and we work closely with all our customers to provide the exact requirements for each project. Contact AccuBeat’s highly professional and experienced team of PhDs, engineers and technicians to discuss your next timing project. Our team will provide on-time solutions to all our customers’ needs, applying years of know-how and experience to the development and manufacture of the most demanding and most accurate Rubidium based atomic clocks.

AccuBeat: Specializing in Atomic Clocks, 
Accurate Time & Frequency Products and Solutions

Contact us to discuss with one of our experts the best off the shelf or fully customized timing solution for your next project.