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AD12 Redundant Switch and Distribution Unit

AD12 Image

AD12 is a 12 channels Redundant Switch & Distribution Unit (RSDU) packaged in a 19″ 1U enclosure. The AD12 accepts 2 buffered inputs which are then distributed to 12 buffered outputs. Each output can be connected to each input using RS-232 or by (optional) LAN.

Each AD12 output can be used as an input to another AD12 unit thereby creating a system of multiple dozens of outputs, all starting from a single input. The unit includes a front panel LED indication for validation of the inputs and outputs.

AD12 Data Sheet pdf

AD12 Data Sheet

Key Features

 12 channels configurable outputs
 2 input signals (sine or square)
 Monitor and control: RS-232, LAN (UDP)
 Supply Voltage: 90-260 VAC (DC as an option)


 Telemetry test fields
 Field calibration

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