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Atomic Clock for Cyber Security & Anti-Spoofing Solutions

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AccuBeat’s patented cyber anti jamming and anti spoofing solutions can now help numerous critical applications, industries, equipment and infrastructures that rely on GPS/GNSS for providing timing and synchronization in applications encompassing the fields of Navigation, Communications, Identification, Remote Sensing, Intelligence, and Weapons.

Precise time, frequency and phase are all key elements in critical sectors such as Power and Utility Companies, Financial and Banking markets, Mobile and Computer Networks, to name just a few examples. In most cases GPS  (or GNSS) is used to as a convenient and inexpensive means to obtain very accurate time which can be traced to the UTC  (Coordinated Universal Time). In fact according to a report from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS); “16 out of the 19 Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources Sectors have some degree of GPS timing usage”. More specifically, DHS considers 13 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors to be critically dependent on PNT (Position, Navigation, Timing). The other 3 sectors are considered to be somewhat dependent. 

It is a well-known fact that the satellite signals coming from the GPS/GNSS units in space are precariously weak and these signals can easily be blocked, jammed or spoofed (delivering bogus signals to the GPS/GNSS receiver) intentionally or unintentionally. Such attacks are recognized as posing a serious threat to these critical infrastructure which currently rely heavily on the publicly available GPS signal. A group of researchers have demonstrated how a relatively simple spoofer can cripple an entire power network causing electrical outages to millions of subscribers within minutes. Similarly the financial and business world is totally dependent on accurate time-stamping for all transactions carried out and disruptions to the timing networks could result in loss in revenue or loss of service and may be mission critical.


In February 2020, President Donald Trump directed the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, and the Commerce Department to minimise the amount of US systems dependent on GPS for positioning, navigation and time that could easily be hacked due to the vulnerabilities associated with GPS. This executive order establishes a  comprehensive national policy promoting the responsible use of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services by the Federal Government and critical infrastructure owners and operators to strengthen critical infrastructure resilience.  With this executive order, the US administration is strengthening resilience by identifying and promoting approaches to manage the risks to critical transportation systems and supporting commercial infrastructure from the disruption and manipulation of PNT services that can easily be carried out by jamming or spoofing the GPS.


Recognizing and understanding these threats, AccuBeat has developed and patented products and solutions to protect your most critical assets, networks, platforms and infrastructure and ensure continued and secure operation even in a GPS/GNSS denied environment. These solutions include our unique and patented Time FireWall™ – a plug and play solution designed to protect your legacy equipment without the need to replace existing equipment. AccuBeat also offers the AR50A - a portable timing dissemination case for instances where jamming or spoofing prevent an initial connection to a GPS/GNSS signal and  an optional Docking Station to store and monitor up to twelve cases in a central location.

Furthermore, many of our standard products including our NTP/PTP Time Servers, AR133 and AR51 modules and systems can be supplied with an additional suite of protection against such cyber jamming and spoofing attacks on GPS/GNSS. Our patented technology, originally developed for the military, is now available to protect civilian and non-military applications and projects as well ranging from critical infrastructures to telecommunications, transport and many other applications.

Patents related to a “method and apparatus for providing secure timing and position synchronization from GNSS” registered to AccuBeat

Patent USA
Certificate of patent
Certificate of patent TFW ndia

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