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AccuBeat's Accessories for high precision timing solutions include GPS antennas & cables, Shock Absorber, Backup Battery and Switch and Distribution Unit.

In addition to our range of off the shelf and fully customized products and systems, AccuBeat supplies various accessories needed for high precision timing solutions. These include GPS antennas and cables specially designed and tested to work with our GPS-Disciplined units as well as our range of NTP/PTP Time Servers.


AccuBeat has also designed several vibration trays to be used in harsher environments for units such as the AR51-07 and AR51-09. External power can be supplied from a backup battery while the AD12 is useful as a switch and distribution unit enabling dozens of identical outputs all originating from the same single source.


Shock-Absorber Image

AccuBeat provides a variety of vibration trays specially designed for our Ruggedized GPS-Disciplined units and for harsh operational environments such as planes, UAVs and maritime platforms.

GPS antena and EM30064

AccuBeat supplies GPS antennas and cables that have been designed, adapted and tested to work with our GPS disciplined units and our range of NTP/PTP Time Servers

AD12 Image

AD12 is a 12 channels signal Redundant Switch & Distribution Unit (RSDU) packaged in a 19″ 1U enclosure.

Backup Battery image

The AB5000 is an external rechargeable backup battery for deployment in mission critical timing solutions where external power may be temporarily interrupted.

Contact us to discuss with one of our experts the best off the shelf or fully customized timing solution for your next project.

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