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Atomic Clocks for Commercial, Industrial and Telecommunications Solutions

AccuBeat’s time and frequency products and solutions are an essential element when it comes to ensuring precise timing and synchronization in industrial and commercial applications. AccuBeat’s  NTP/PTP Time servers such as AR79 with full networking protocols or our Rubidium Frequency standards such as AR133 or NAC will ensure reliable and consistent performance and optimal network operations. Coupled with our patented anti-jamming and anti-spoofing solutions, AccuBeat's atomic clocks and solutions are suited for a variety of applications such as:

Wireless communication

  • Cellular Base Stations

  • Positioning systems in cellular network

  • Lab test sets


Wireline/Network/Computers communication

  • NTP/PTP Network time Servers

  • SONET/SDH  Networks

  • ATM-asynchronous Transfer Mode


  • Satellites (GPS, Galileo, Glonnass)

    • Satellite timing sources

    • Satellite base stations


Power Utility

  • Fault detection – time tagging

  • Energy Management

  • Identification of power line breaks

  • Command & Control



  • Air Traffic control

  • Airplane landing


Digital broadcasting systems

  • HDTV-High-definition television

  • DAB-Digital Audio Broadcasting

  • DVB-Digital Video Broadcasting

  • DVB-S Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite

  • DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial


Time Tagging for General Users


Software Defined Radio Technology

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Contact us to discuss with one of our experts the best off the shelf or fully customized timing solution for your next project.

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