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Portable Atomic Clock for Time & Frequency Dissemination

AccuBeat’s Portable atomic clock for Time & Frequency enable Time and Frequency dissemination for critical missions even in a GPS/GNSS denied environment.

Numerous critical applications and equipment rely on GNSS systems for providing timing and synchronization. The wide spectrum of applications encompasses the fields of Navigation, Communications, Identification, Remote Sensing, Intelligence, and Weapons. Most platforms and systems already deploy advanced Rubidium atomic clocks for timing and synchronization - many of which are manufactured and supplied by AccuBeat - and in almost all cases a GNSS signal is needed in order to input the initial time into the platform. However, it has been well recognized that the any GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo…) signal can easily be blocked, jammed or spoofed intentionally or unintentionally, thereby preventing correct initial setup of the equipment and consequently posing a serious threat on the overall performance of the system or mission.


With this in mind, AccuBeat has designed and delivered to its customers a portable calibration case, the AR50-05, providing the user with a comprehensive solution for time dissemination in any GNSS denied environment. This Ruggedized portable case contains an accurate atomic clock, an internal backup battery, a tablet and easy to use Graphical User Interface for performing the calibration, as well as all the required cables to synchronize various types of Atomic clocks. When a need for external synchronization arises - such as in the case of jamming or spoofing - the AR50-05 calibration case can be easily transported to the required site while the internal atomic clock keeps the accurate TOD and 1PPS, taking its power from either an external DC input or from its own internal battery. At each affected site or platform, the case is easily connected to the system with the cables supplied and both TOD and accurate 1PPS information can be “injected” into the receiving clock thereby ensuring full frequency, TOD and 1PPS synchronization across multiple platforms without the need for a GNSS signal.

Customers who have multiple AR50-05 Calibration cases can store them in AccuBeat’s Docking Station that will simultaneously synchronize up to 12 units ensuring uniform time and frequency in each unit. The Docking Station is fully redundant and includes a highly accurate and stable reference clock that is protected from GNSS jamming and spoofing using AccuBeat’s proprietary technology. When the AR50-05 calibration case is connected to the Docking Station the case is loaded with the protected time and 1PPS and the battery is charged. The Docking Station provides the status of each AR50-05 unit including battery status, frequency lock and deviation from the desired frequency as well as recording and storing the data obtained from the field calibration.

AR50-05 Calibration Case Image

The AR50-05 loads accurate time & frequency from an external source, maintains it on the go and disseminates the accurate time & frequency to the destination clock.

DS5000-00 Docking Station Image

The DS5000 Docking Station simultaneously synchronizes up to 12 AR50-05 Portable Cases ensuring uniform Time and Frequency in all the units.

Contact us to discuss with one of our experts the best off the shelf or fully customized timing solution for your next project.

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