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GPS Disciplined Time & Frequency Products

AccuBeat develops and manufactures a range of ruggedized, compact GPS disciplined Time and Frequency solutions especially suited for military applications and for today’s modern battlefield.  Our Military grade units combine our top of the line Rubidium Frequency Standard together with a GPS receiver as well as NTP/PTP capabilities with configurable multiple inputs and outputs ensuring accurate and secure timing and communications in land, sea or air.

Below are some of the off the shelf units or contact us for a fully customized solution tailor-made to meet and exceed your specifications. 

AR51-09 Image

AR51-09 includes Time of Day (TOD) inputs and outputs. The standard unit include several Have Quick (ICD-GPS-060) Time Code outputs.

AR51-07 Image

AR51-07 unit is a low profile GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Clock which offers an excellent stability and accuracy.

AR-77 Image

AR77 is a ruggedized version of the AR76 Time Server, specially designed for harsh environments and military scenarios.

AccuBeat has supplied hundreds of ruggedized battle-proven GPS disciplined systems that are currently deployed in fighter planes, helicopters, missile systems, naval, radar and communications systems. Many of these units are fully customized to meet extreme customer requirements and may often be the deciding factor in ensuring mission success. Combined with AccuBeat’s patented anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities, these units will ensure precision timing and synchronization among all forces even in a GPS denied environment.

Contact us to discuss with one of our experts the best off the shelf or fully customized timing solution for your next project.

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