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Time and Frequency Products are an integral part of Space programs and applications, whether it be in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as the USA’s GPS, Europe’s Galileo, Russia’s Glonass and others, or in Communication Satellites and other space missions. AccuBeat is proud to have been selected by the European Space Agency to develop and produce an Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO), specially designed for Deep Space Exploration. AccuBeat’s USO is currently in integration inside the JUICE Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) satellite that will be launched in 2022 and travel some 600 million Kms to the planet Jupiter, where it will explore the planet’s atmosphere and study its icy moons.

AccuBeat’s USO is a high-stability quartz crystal oscillator utilizing a high Q crystal resonator and high temperature stability in the range of 100µ kelvin. The USO designed by AccuBeat, has an Allan Deviation substantially better than the required spec of 5E-13 at integration constants of 1 to 1000 seconds, making it the most stable oscillator of its type designed for deep space exploration.

AccuBeat’s AR81  was specifically designed to meet the requirements of Galileo – Europe’s GNSS Satellite and Navigation system. The AR81 is a 1U, 19” rack-mounted unit featuring an ultra high-stability and ultra-low phase noise Rubidium Frequency Standard. The unit has six 10 MHz outputs and two redundant power supplies. AccuBeat’s AR81 is an integral part of the ground equipment of Galileo since the initial stages of the project.


USO - Ultra Stable Oscilator Image

AccuBeat has developed an Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO) for ESA’s JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) mission as part of a radio science occultation experiment.

AR81 GNSS Ground Segment Unit Image

AccuBeat’s AR-81 is a 1U, 19” rack-mount ultra-high stability and ultra-low phase noise Rubidium Frequency Standard specifically designed for ground segments of GNSS systems.

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