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Rubidium Frequency Oscillators

AccuBeat produces a range of Rubidium Frequency Oscillators and Standards that includes the compact AR133 family and the Nano Atomic Clock - NAC1, that provide a stable time and frequency reference for a variety of applications such as mobile and wired telecommunication infrastructure, broadcasting products, defense applications, calibration equipment and scientific instrumentation.


AR133 is AccuBeat’s leading multi-functional Rubidium Frequency Standard. It is one of the smallest atomic standards available today


NAC1 is an extremely small and compact board mounted Rubidium Frequency Standard especially suited for low power applications


AR133A-03 is a ruggedized version of the AR133 Rubidium Frequency Standard with extremely high g sensitivity and specially designed for airborne applications

In addition to the standard version, the  AR133 Rubidium Oscillator is available in many customized options offering features such as extremely high g sensitivity, improved phase noise, improved aging, wider temperature range and ultra high stability. Please refer to the AR133 datasheet for a complete list of the different versions available or contact us  for a customized version.

AccuBeat's Nano Atomic Clock - NAC1 is an extremely small and compact, board mounted atomic clock that incorporates AccuBeat's proven traditional glass technology and is based on Coherent population Trapping (CPT).  With its small size, weight and power consumption (SWaP), NAC1 is suitable for applications such as autonomous sensors, small UAVs and Backpack secure communication radios.

Contact us to discuss with one of our experts the best off the shelf or fully customized timing solution for your next project.

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