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AR50-05 Portable Atomic Clock for Time and Frequency Dissemination 

AR50-05 Portable Atomic Clock for Time and Frequency Dissemination Image

AccuBeat’s AR50-05 is a portable case designed to disseminate frequency and time (TOD – Time of Day) especially in cases of GPS jamming and spoofing. The portable case includes one of AccuBeat’s GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Atomic Clock as well as a backup battery, ruggedized tablet and a set of auxiliary cables for dissemination of the signals. The AR50-05 loads accurate time & frequency from an external source, maintains it on the go and disseminates the accurate time & frequency to the destination clock.

The unit works from 110/220 VAC as well as 12/28 VDC power and can be easily operated by a soldier or other personnel with minimal training. The ruggedized tablet allows simple and foolproof operation of the equipment and the rechargeable battery allows transportation of the unit in a vehicle while still connecting it to power as well as operation of the unit in the field. A customer with several AR50-05 portable calibration cases can store them in the DS5000 Docking Station specially designed for this purpose.


 AR50 Data Sheet pdf

 AR50 Data Sheet

Key Features

 Portable GPS-Disciplined Rubidium clock
  Internal rechargeable battery backup
  Power supply:

        110/220 VAC
      ▶  12/24 VDC (From car battery)

  Weight < 13Kg

 Dimensions: 569 (W) x 155 (H) x 355 (D) mm

 Set of cables


▶ Time and Frequency Dissemination

▶ Jamming and Spoofing scenarios

▶ Field Calibration

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