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AB5000 Rechargeable, Backup Battery Unit

Backup Battery image

AccuBeat’s AB50000 is an external rechargeable backup battery designed to supply power in cases where external power is temporarily unavailable. AB50000 is an essential element in Atomic Clocks where there is a need to constantly maintain the TOD (Time of Day) and there is a possibility of power disconnections, which would cause the clock to shut down. To avoid such cases, the backup battery is assembled between the power source and the clock’s power input and in a case of mains power loss the AB50000 battery will provide power to the clock ensuring no loss in TOD continuity. The AB5000 unit has been specifically designed to fit on top of the AR51-07 product line or to as a stand-alone unit.


Backup Battery Data Sheet pdf

Backup Battery Data Sheet

Key Features

▶ Ruggedized Rechargeable Backup Battery
▶ Maintains TOD when power is lost
▶ Designed to fit on top of AR51 clocks or as stand-alone unit


▶ Military
▶ Portable Solutions
▶ No continuous power supply

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