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AR51-08 Ruggedized GPS Disciplined Time and Frequency Unit with Display

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AccuBeat’s AR51-08 incorporates numerous features into a single box, including a Rubidium Standard, an internal GPS receiver, a Rubidium-GPS DPLL (disciplining) circuit, time codes, multiple outputs and an integrated display. The unit also has a rechargeable battery for when power is disrupted. The Rubidium clock can be phase locked to the GPS or to an alternative external input source. All outputs are derived from the Rubidium clock which maintains time and frequency when GPS or other inputs are interrupted.

The AR51-08 has been fully qualified for operation in harsh stressed environments on ground mobile, airborne, UAVs, fighter aircraft, Helicopter and ship-borne platforms. AR51-08 can be supplied with AccuBeat’s proprietary Anti-Jamming and Anti-Spoofing technology providing additional protection in cases of GPS denial. For further details, please contact us directly.


AR51-08 Data Sheet pdf

AR51-08 Data Sheet

Key Features

▶ Frequency Accuracy : ≤2E-12
▶ 1PPS Accuracy: ≤100ns RMS, 30ns typical
▶ Outputs: 2x10MHz, 7x 1PPS (1xTTL, 1xPTTI, 5xRS-422), 2x1KPPS (RS-422), 1x100KPPS (RS-422)
▶ TOD Outputs: 1xIRIG B, 5xReshef,1xHave Quick
▶ IRIG-B Reader (option)
▶ Disciplined to GPS or Ext 1PPS.
▶ Communication:RS-232, RS-422, MIL-STD-1553 (opt.)
▶ Operating Temperature: -40°C to +71°C
▶ Holdover (without GPS): 1µs/24 hours, 5E-11/month
▶ 1 hour rechargeable battery back-up
▶ Power remote control
▶ Supply Voltage: 22-32 VDC per MIL-STD-704A
▶ Full MIL-STD qualification for military airborne and seaborne applications


▶ Maritime Solutions

▶ Ground Mobile

▶ Fighter Aircraft

▶ Communication

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