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AccuBeat: Specializing in Atomic Clocks, 

Accurate T
ime & Frequency Products and Solutions

AccuBeat where timing isn’t everything – it’s the only thing

AccuBeat's Rubidium oscillators, NTP/PTP Time Servers and fully customized systems achieve the highest levels of accuracy and reliability and are deployed by the IDF, the USAF, Europe’s GNSS (Galileo), The European Space Agency (ESA), Critical Infrastructures, Tier 1 Telecommunication companies and many leading Military, HLS, Infrastructure and Government programs worldwide.

AccuBeat has developed and patented solutions that can detect jamming and spoofing attacks to the GPS/GNSS and ensure continuous and uninterrupted accurate timekeeping and synchronization even in a GPS/GNSS denied or threatened environment. AccuBeat solutions protect critical infrastructure, telecoms, financial and data centers, HLS and Defense equipment and ensure continued operations where other systems fail.

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Cybertech Conference 2024

The exhibition: Israeli cyber technologies protect the world

Dates: June 24-26, 2024 at Tel Aviv University

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Customers trust AccuBeat

The United States Air Force (USAF) selected AccuBeat to design and supply an atomic oscillator that serves as a critical component both in the air and on the ground. In recognition of AccuBeat's contribution to the project, the US Department of Defense issued AccuBeat a Certificate of Appreciation commending AccuBeat for its "outstanding commitment to excellence" and "excellent on-time delivery”.


Europe’s Galileo GNSS deploys AccuBeat’s AR81 as part of its ground segment equipment. Providing ultra-high stability and ultra-low phase noise, this Rubidium rack mounted unit is an integral part of the Galileo GNSS project.​

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A leading major national Critical Infrastructure recently selected AccuBeat to provide it with Time Servers and AccuBeat’s patented Time FireWall™  thus ensuring that the Critical Infrastructure is protected against GPS Jamming and Spoofing.

national Critical Infrastructure

The European Space Agency (ESA), selected AccuBeat to design and manufacture an Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO) that will be an integral part of its upcoming mission to explore the moons of the planet Jupiter (JUICE). AccuBeat’s USO is a high-stability quartz crystal oscillator utilizing a high Q crystal resonator and high temperature stability in the range of 100µ kelvin. The USO designed by AccuBeat has an Allan deviation below 5E-13 at integration constants of 1 to 1000 seconds.


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