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AR133-03  Ruggedized Rubidium Frequency Oscillator


Product Description

The AR133-03 is a ruggedized version of the AR133 Rubidium Frequency Standard, specifically designed for extreme airborne applications. A vibration isolator included in the AR133-03 enables the unit to maintain high frequency stability and accuracy under vibration as may be experienced in severe environments such as airborne platforms. AR133-03 operates successfully at vibration levels of up to 9 g RMS and up to 17 g RMS non-operational

AR133-03 features very fast warm-up and can be disciplined to an external 1PPS source from GPS/GNSS or other sources. It is one of the smallest, high performance disciplined rubidium frequency standards available today. The AR133 family of Rubidium oscillators is comprised of a unique DFLL (Digital Frequency Lock Loop) where a high performance crystal oscillator is locked to the rubidium atomic line using an embedded microprocessor and a special patented algorithm.

PDF ICON of AR133-03 Data Sheet

AR133-03 Data Sheet

Key Features

▶ Vibration isolated

▶ Long-term-stability: 5E-11/month

▶ Short term stability: < 1E-11 @ 1s (option)

▶ Phase noise: -160dBc/Hz floor

▶ Outputs: 10MHz and 1PPS

 Supply voltage: 15 VDC

 Steady state power < 8W

 Size: 77mm x 77mm x 49.65 mm



Secure Communication



Harsh Environments

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