◊ Long-term-stability: 5E-11/month
◊ 2E-12 frequency accuracy & 100nSec 1PPS accuracy
◊ relative to 1PPS input when disciplined
◊ Short term stability: 5E-12 @ 100s
◊ Phase noise: -150dBc/Hz @10kHz
◊ Outputs: 10 MHz and 1PPS)
◊ Supply voltage: 15 VDC / 12 VDC (option)
◊ Steady state power < 8.25W
◊ Power-saving mode – < 1.8W Steady State (option)
◊ Size: 77 x 77 x 25.4 mm (3” x 3” x 1”)

The AR133A is AccuBeat’s new generation multifunctional Rubidium Frequency Standard.  It is one of the smallest atomic standards available today, where the accuracy and stability are derived from a quantum  transition that occurs in a free rubidium atom. The unit utilizes a unique advanced technology, which allows reducing the unit’s size without sacrificing performance.
The AR133A is comprised of a unique DFLL (Digital Frequency Lock Loop) where a high performance crystal oscillator is locked to the rubidium atomic line using an embedded microprocessor and a special patented algorithm.
The algorithm optimizes the performance vs. external disturbances, improves temperature stability, and enables very fine digital frequency control.

AR133A special modes of operation:

Disciplined to an external 1PPS: this improves the long-term-stability, the accuracy, and synchronizes the phase of the 1PPS output to the 1PPS input.

  • Power-saving modes (options): for applications where power is limited, the AR133A offers several power saving modes to be selected by the user.
  • Mixed Mode (Option) – in this mode the physics package, which is the main power consumer, is turned on and off periodically, allowing lower average power consumption. In this mode the internal OCXO supplies accurate frequency calibrated to the atomic clock frequency. Although performance is slightly reduced, power consumption is significantly lower in this mode.
  • OCXO Disciplined Mode (Option) – this mode implements an OCXO disciplining to external 1PPS (with Physics Package shut-down) and consumes even lower power of about 1.8 W

◊ Secure Communication
◊ Telecommunication
◊ Software Radio
◊ Test Equipment
◊ Cellular Base Stations
◊ TV Stations, HDTV
◊ Scientific Equipment
◊ Calibration