Military needs have always been the prime driver of frequency control technology. Modern military systems require oscillators/clocks that are stable
over a wide range of parameters such as temperature, vibration, acceleration, radiation, etc. Rubidium-Atomic-Standard Technology designed and
manufactured by AccuBeat meets the needs of numerous military applications by providing highly-stable and low-noise signals, low
power-consumption, compact size and weight, very fast warm-up stabilization and cost effectiveness.

 Main military Applications

Communication Systems, Radio & Wire

  • Efficient Spectrum Utilization
  • Resistance to Jamming
  • Radio silence interval,
  • Secure Communication
  • Frequency Hopping

Electronic Warfare

  • ELINT Receivers
  • Emitters location
  • Jamming detection and protection

Command, Control, Communication Computer and Intelligence (C4I)

  • Command, Control, Communication Computer and Intelligence.applications require
    precise timing and frequency that can be provided by a rubidium frequency standard.
  • Cyber related issues

Telemetry, Test Fields

  • Time Tagging of for different causes and result


    • Satellites (GPS, Galileo, Glonnass)
      • Satellite timing sources
      • Satellite base stations


  • Identification Friend-Or-Foe Systems (IFF)
  • Radar
  • Bi-Static Radar
  • Missiles Radar guidance