If you purchased the product directly from AccuBeat, please contact Customer Support
at customersupport@accubeat.com or call: +972-2-5868330 ext.111

Warranty Period

◊  Standard warranty is given for one year free of charge.
◊  Warranty starts from shipment date.
◊  The warranty includes:
1. Free of charge repair of failures (excluding failures that were caused by mal-operation).
2. Cost of shipment and any other taxes related to the transportation will be borne by the customer.
3. Repair time will vary depending on the complexity of the fault and the availability of replacement items

Extended Warranty Period

◊  Additional extended warranty is available at a cost. Please contact the company or your local sales representative for more details.

Rapid Repair Time Option

◊  In order to shorten the repair time at AccuBeat’s premises to 3-4 weeks, the customer should purchase a small stock of modules and components.
◊  The stock will include two types of items:
1. LLI (Long lead time items).
2. Recommended Spare modules and components.
◊  This stock will be kept in AccuBeat’s facility.
◊  Please contact AccuBeat for additional information.


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