Vibration absorber tray designed for AR51A-07 series Designed for fast connection and removal without special tools. AccuBeat can design other custom vibration trays (Contact us for details)

The MU50013 is a vibration absorber tray designed for AccuBeats AR51A-07 GPS – Disciplined Rubidium Clock family of products.
The tray should be used in harsh environmental conditions where high vibration level is applied. The MU50013 shock absorber decreases the vibration level to the clock ensuring superior overall performance.
The mechanical design of the tray, allows for rapid mounting and demounting of the clock from the tray, without the need for any special tools.
AccuBeat can design other vibration absorber trays to meet your specifications and requirements. Please contact us for further details.

◊ Military applications
◊ Harsh environments
◊ High Stability applications