◊ Frequency Accuracy : 1E-12
◊ 1PPS Accuracy: 20ns RMS
◊ Holdover: 1µs / 24 hours, 1E-10 / month
◊ 1PPS input for disciplining
◊ 12 channels C(A) code GNSS receiver
◊ Monitor & control: RS232
◊ Supply Voltage: 11 – 32 VDC

◊ LAN IPV4 (NTP server V3, Monitor & Control, DHCP)
◊ SNMP Monitor & Control (Custom MIB)
◊ IEEE 1588 (PTP): Grandmaster \ Slave
◊ TOD Format: IRIG-B, NMEA, Have Quick

The AR71A is a multi-function GNSS Disciplined Rubidium Atomic Clock, which provides accurate time & frequency. The AR71A incorporates numerous features into a single box, including a Rubidium Frequency Standard, an internal C/A code 12 channels GPS receiver and external 1PPS input.
The Rubidium Standard functions as a local oscillator and is phase-locked to the GPS or to external input. All outputs are derived from the Rubidium Clock, which maintains accurate time and frequency when the GNSS or other inputs are interrupted.
The unit includes, as an option, LAN interface board, which support UDP / SNMP for management and for NTP (Network Time Protocol). A Precision-Time Protocol (PTP) or TOD in IRIG B format are available instead of the LAN board.

◊ Test Equipment
◊ Telecommunications
◊ Cellular Base Stations
◊ Scientific Equipment
◊ Secure Communication
◊ Mobile Radio Base Stations