◊ Portable GPS-Discipline Rubidium clock
◊ Internal rechargeable battery backup
◊ Power supply:
◊ 110/220 VAC
◊ 12/24 VDC (From car battery)
◊ Set of cables

The AR50A is a portable case of GPS-Discipline Rubidium Atomic Clock model AR51A-07, which is designated to disseminate frequency and time (TOD – Time of Day).
As an example, the portable clock can be used for time & frequency dissemination in scenarios when the GPS signal is absent or jammed.
The AR50A-03 loads accurate time & frequency from an external source, maintains it on the go and disseminates the accurate time & frequency to the destination clock. The unit includes a set of auxiliary cables and power supplies to enable working with 110V / 220VAC, 12V / 28VDC and cables for dissemination the signals.

◊ Time and Frequency dissemination
◊ Communication, wire line and wireless
◊ Field Calibration
◊ Telemetry, Test fields