Long-term-stability: 5E-11/month
◊  Short term stability: < 1E-11 @ 1s (option) Phase noise: -160dBc/Hz floor Outputs: 10MHz and 1PPS
◊  Supply voltage: 15 VDC
◊  Steady state power < 8W
◊  Size: 77mm x 77mm x 49.65 mm
◊  Vibration isolated

The AR133A-03 is a ruggedized version of Rubidium Frequency Standard model AR133A which is designed for airborne applications. A vibration isolator included in the AR133A-03 enables the unit to maintain high frequency stability and accuracy in vibration environments such as airborne platforms.

The unit features very fast warm-up and could be disciplined to an external 1PPS from GPS or other sources. It is one of the smallest, high performance disciplined rubidium frequency standards available today. The AR133A is comprised of a unique DFLL (Digital Frequency Lock Loop) where a high performance crystal oscillator is locked to the rubidium atomic line using an embedded microprocessor and a special patented algorithm.

◊ Secure Communication
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