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AR61 Military, Low Temperature, Radiation Hardened, Rubidium Frequency Standard

AR61A-08 Image

Product Description

AR61-08 is a very high performance Rubidium Frequency Standard, designed to operate reliably in extremely demanding applications and harsh environments. It is designed to perform over a very wide temperature range while providing high stability, even under severe vibration and with a very fast warm-up time, even at extreme temperatures (-54°C).


AR61-08 meets or exceeds the most severe military requirements making this ruggedized unit especially useful in airborne applications as well as mobile ground operation. The AR61-08 also includes a microprocessor, which optimizes its performance in relation to external disturbances. It has a unique holdover mode, which keeps the internal OCXO running with the last memorized frequency when lock is lost. In addition, a built in synthesizer allows a very fine digital frequency control over a wide range. The AR61-08 was designed for the United States Air Force and is integrated into several different projects and applications.

AR61-08 Data Sheet pdf

AR61-08 Data Sheet

Key Features

▶ MIL-E-5400 and MIL-STD -810F

▶ Low phase noise under vibration

▶ Wide temperature range -54°C to +71°C (95°C Emergency)

▶ Radiation Hardening

▶ 26VDC per MIL-STD-704D

▶ Vibrations: MIL-STD-810F

▶ Shock: 15g

▶ Humidity: 100% Sealed Enclosure


▶ Fast Warm Up < 3.8 min to lock at -55°C

▶ Altitude: 50,000 ft

▶ Low Power: 10W @ steady state

▶ MTBF: > 150,000 hours @ 50ºC, AIC

▶ 82.5 x 82.5 x 114.3 mm (3.25 x 3.25 x 4.5 inch)

▶ 2.2Kg / 4.6 lbs



▶ Communication

▶ Telemetry test fields

▶ Field calibration

▶ Excellent for Airborne applications

AccuBeat received this Certificate of Appreciation and Medallion for the design and delivery of the AR61 Frequency Standard to the US Department of Defense.

Certificate of Appreciation U.S

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